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Rafikul Islam has the distinction of finishing first in his university (University of Calcutta, India) Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and received the 'First Class First' and gold medal award. Subsequently, he obtained Ph.D. in Operations Research from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1996. Presently, he is working as a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He served as the Head of Master of Management Program at the Management Centre for two years and Head of the Department of Business Administration of IIUM for two years. He also served the Faculty as the Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) for three years and the university as Deputy Dean (Strategic Planning and Decision Making) for one and half years

Rafikul has taught several courses in Business and Information Technology at both the undergraduate and masters level. The list of courses taught includes Decision Science, Quality Management, Operations Management, Business Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Management Information System, Programming Languages, Data Structures, Computer Based Simulation and Modeling. He is a member of Management Science/Operations Research Society of Malaysia, member of Malaysian Institute of Management and life member of Indian Society of Technical Education. Rafikul has published about 45 research papers in international journals that include European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Business Information Systems, IIUM Journal of Economics and Management, Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, Asia-Pacific Management Review, Ricerca Operativa, Malaysian Management Review, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Military Operations Research, Planning Malaysia, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, International Journal of Commerce and Management.

He has attended international conferences in countries belonging to five continents: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and presented research papers. He has published two books: Essentials of Management Science published by Thomson, Singapore and The Analytic Hierarchy Process : An Effective Multi-criteria Decision Making Tool published by IIUM Press. He received IIUM Quality Research Award in 2006. He is Associate Editor of two journals: Malaysian Management Review and International Journal Business and Systems Research . His areas of research interest include Multiple Criteria Decision-Making; Quality and Operations Management.

Dr. Rafikul is also active in consultancy works. He regularly provides consultancy in Problem Solving and Decision Making.

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